February 23rd. The most dreaded/anticipated day for every robotics student. Although the end of build season saddened us, it did feel great to get a couple more hours of sleep.

Bag day was a roller coaster of emotions for Team 5510. First, the janitors kicked us out of auto-shop at 10pm so we had to go to a member’s house to keep on working. We had connection issues with our robot and laptop, our electronics weren’t working and one of our gearboxes broke. Oh, we also do not have a set of blue bumpers for competition. Yikes! Although everyone was frustrated, we were able to fix our connection and electronics issues thanks to Davis (head mentor of Team 702). Since we could not do anything to solve the gearbox issue,we decided to call it a day at 11:45pm.

The weeks after bag day, mechanical team assembled the gear box we need for competition. Although we still do not have a blue bumpers set, Team 5510 is ready to face any challenges ahead of them at competition.


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